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Shopping used or Certified Pre-owned (CPO) vehicles is a smart decision for consumers -- you'll be avoiding the cars' biggest depreciation hit (which happens almost immediately when ownership of a brand new vehicle is transferred from dealership to driver), you'll be spending less money for a new-to-you vehicle, and many used cars less than 10 years old have been well-cared for -- whether by private owners, as showroom models, leased vehicles or rentals. Beyond all the obvious cost savings, GM adds another incentive to the list -- one you may have assumed wasn't an option when you shop used or CPO GM vehicles.

Now, when you buy a 2011 or newer GM vehicle, you'll be able to take advantage of three years of Basic Connectivity from OnStar, which grants you access to select OnStar RemoteLink mobile app features, Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics and Maintenance Notifications from us -- your Dealer. This complimentary three-year package allows you to remotely start your vehicle, lock or unlock your doors, and activate your horn and lights via your Apple, Android, BlackBerry or Windows devices. You'll also receive monthly OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics emails and Maintenance Notifications when you need to get your vehicle serviced at Mike Maroone Colorado's in-house Service Center.


Start your car, lock or unlock your doors, or activate your horn and lights from the palm of your hand with OnStar's 3-year Basic Connectivity Plan. Security and comfort, accessed directly from your phone, tablet or other device.



Take advantage of a perk you may have thought was reserved only for those purchasing a new Chevy or other GM-brand vehicle! GM vehicles 2011 or newer are eligible for three years of Basic Connectivity from OnStar at no additional charge to the vehicle owner.



Never worry about missing an oil change or regular maintenance again. We'll collaborate with OnStar to remind you about upcoming necessary maintenance and help you make an appointment with our GM-certified technicians at Mike Maroone Colorado.

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2006 or newer used or CPO vehicles with OnStar equipped will come with a free, three-month trial of the complete suite of OnStar Services, including: 

  • Automatic Crash Response 

  • Emergency Services 

  • Crisis Assist 

  • Roadside Assistance 

  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance 

  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation 

  • OnStar RemoteLink mobile app 

  • Remote Services 

  • Access to Hands-Free Calling 

  • OnStar AtYourService 

  • Advanced Diagnostics 

  • Dealer Maintenance Notification 

  • Access to OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot (2011 and newer vehicles only) 

All services require online enrollment.

Buying a used or Certified Pre-owned GM vehicle shouldn't bar you from some of the most advanced safety and convenience technology available in the automotive world. OnStar is an established and customer-oriented company, and we're glad to sell their products as part of our used and CPO advantage at Mike Maroone Colorado. Call or stop by to chat about our financing and trade-in opportunities, or click to view our complete used and CPO inventory now!

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