Oil change in Colorado Springs CO

Oil change in Colorado Springs CO

An oil change might seem like a simple task. It might even be something you're used to doing yourself. Or maybe you stop in at a chain store every six months or so, never leaving overly impressed with the service and simultaneously incredulous at the expense at a so-called "economy" quick lube. Even if an oil change doesn't seem like a big deal, wouldn't it be nice to be treated as though it is, with no extra effort on your part? That's our philosophy at Mike Maroone Colorado: every customer is important, therefore, every oil change is important. After all, oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle -- without proper engine maintenance, your car would eventually malfunction or become dangerous to operate.

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How do I know when I need to change my oil?

In most vehicles, you'll notice an oil monitor system symbol on your dash. According to Edmunds.com, this system or your vehicle's owner's manual will be your best guide to appropriate oil change intervals. Even if you don't have your owner's manual anymore (or you never did), many of these documents have been published online by auto manufacturers. Most schedules will have separate numbers for "normal" driving and "severe" or "special" driving conditions. Make sure you read the provided descriptions to determine which schedule is right for your car.

More than a drive-thru quik lube

Our Mike Maroone Colorado Service Department provides more than routine oil changes. Come to us for front end alignment, wipers, headlight bulb replacement, brake work, muffler/exhaust repair, coolant flush, transmission flush, electrical service, tire replacement and balancing, filter replacement, tire rotations and more. Our first concern is your safety, and we always hope our first-time customers become our forever customers. Mike Maroone Colorado's expertly trained technicians will treat your car as their own; that's the benefit of getting your oil changed regularly by a professional -- we'll be able to alert you to any lingering problems with a cursory vehicle inspection.

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